Quick and dirty, so there may be mistakes. Bottom!Thor because reasons.


Loki groaned, head thumping against the headboard as Thor swallowed down his cock. He was perched on his knees between Loki’s spread legs, behind him was clone, a solid one, dutifully teasing Thor’s ass open with his tongue and fingers.

Loki very much enjoyed when Thor got into one of these moods. He could be a real greedy thing sometimes, but, even with the exhaustion of having to sustain the clone for what could be hours, it was well worth the satisfaction of having his brother utterly fucked out before him.

Thor pulled away from Loki’s cock with a slick pop, his reddened lips shinning with spit. “More,” the roughness of his voice sent a pleasant shiver down Loki’s spine. He reached out, swiping away a drop of saliva from Thor’s chin with the pad of his thumb.

"And where are those manners of yours, brother?"

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Tom Hiddleston attends the Laurence Olivier Awards at the Royal Opera House on April 13, 2014 in London, England [HQ]

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None of us can go back.

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